Stacie Ewing Art

Spirit Wind Gallery 
The first in this row is Chief Eagle, done in pointellism, he was from the Salish Indian Tribe and I was drawn to his picture the first time I saw it.  The second is an acrylic painting that I did and my husband made the frame.  The bottom picture above is me holding a fledgling red-tailed hawk that was nested in a RV and accidentally transported to Eagle Nest.  What a Blessing to see this beautiful creature up close!  
The four pictures above are some of my latest works.  The top one is Fall Grazing and it is a  combination of a couple of photos that I took.  The second one has three paintings that I did from photos taken from the Vermejo Ranch (Ted Turner's Ranch).  The picture of the Lake is Eagle Nest Lake.  We went fishing one morning and I took the camera in hopes of getting a good shot.  The painting looks much better in person.  The last one is a combination of two pictures. The house was taken down in Ocate, the donkey was running wild in the Cimmarron Canyon.  I jsut painted the two together.

This March (2011) We will officially have lived here for 2 years!  The time has really gone by fast!  We have made some leaps and bounds in the last year.  We have started offering art classes, and boy have they been fun!  I have gotten more opportunity to paint and have put out several new pieces.  I am trying to paint more local sceneries as well as just staying within our area for my art work.  For me, it makes it more personal when it is something that anyone can recognize or are familiar with.  It gives me a better sence of accomplishment also! 

I am really looking forward to the coming year!  

I hope you get the chance to come to Spirit Wind Gallery and see all that we have to offer.  I will update the artwork as I get new items finished.  I hope to get more built up as I get the opportunity to work on my art.  Please call if you need directions to come visit us in person.  Don't forget to book a room with us at the Cottonwood Lodge!! 575-377-3382