Southwest Furniture

Our rustic furniture is the perfect addition to any home

This is such easy furniture to decorate with.  If you need a specific size just let us know and we can custom order it for you.  You can match hedboards to night stands and dressers to complete a bedroom suite with accessories like mirrors, t.v. stands and much more.  Match your sofa tables to your hall tree and dining room table to make all of your home look designer perfect!

This furniture has a quality that me and my husband have thoroughly appreciated as we have added to our collection.  We always bought it every time we added on to our house, or bought a bigger one.  Each piece tends to have a special place in your home once you start collecting it.  You start to find places that you can add an accect piece or you make room for that beautiful wine cabinet that you fell in love with at the store. 
     We had not really planned on carrying the furniture when we opened the gallery but the opportunity presented itself and we love this furniture so much that we decided we would really enjoy stocking other people's homes with this rustic southwest furniture.  One of it's lasting qualities is that it is made very well and it has the durability to be moved and lived with.  This is such easy furniture to decorate with and accent with southwest decor or rustic textiles.  Once you start collecting, you will find pieces that you just have to have.  I hope you enjoy and love it as much as we do. 

Please feel free to visit to see more selections of what we might be able to carry. Frank Potter is a great guy and we are in touch with him on a regular basis.